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The Disability Insurance Industry.

While The D.I. Industry has bounced back from its low point, many challenges remain.  How do we get more carriers to enter the market?  How do we get more producers to sell D.I.?  How will the incredible changes in technology effect both the products and delivery of the products in the future?

The I Love D.I. Podcast will address not only what is happening today, but engage industry thought leaders of their vision of the future.



Episode 74: Interview With Courtney Wilson

My guest on Episode 74 of The I Love D.I. Podcast is Courtney Wilson.

Courtney is President of Fortify Insurance Group, a Brokerage General Agency located in Norwalk, CT.

Courtney shares some great insights on what is happening in the Disability Insurance space and also gives some great examples of where Employee Benefits Advisors can be successful in providing solutions that include both Group LTD and Individual D.I. policies.

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Episode 73: Interview With Robert Clark

My guest on Episode 73 of The I Love D.I. Podcast is Robert Clark.  Robert is Regional Vice President of Petersen International Underwriters, a Lloyd’s of London Correspondent located in Valencia, CA.

He has done a great job of working with Employee Benefit Brokers, helping them “see the light” when it comes to individual disability insurance.

The focus of our conversation is around what is happening in the Guaranteed Standard Issue market, specifically what the opportunities are for producers to take advantage of this lucrative market.

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Episode 72: Interview With Brock Falconer

My guest on Episode 72 of The I Love D.I. Podcast is Brock Falconer.  Brock is Regional Vice President for Illinois Mutual and is based in Denver, CO.

He has extensive experience in the D.I. world and you will hear how passionate he is about the importance of income protection.

Brock shares some great ideas on how producers can talk to their clients about income protection and discusses how Return Of Premium is a great feature to add to a D.I. policy.


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Episode 71: Interview With Eric Miller

My guest on Episode 71 of The I Love D.I. Podcast is Eric Miller.  Eric is President of First Protective, a nationwide Brokerage General Agency located in Birmingham, AL.

He is a long time veteran of the insurance industry and is passionate about how training and education are critical to success for producers.

Eric shares some great insights into the brokerage industry.  He also talks about the importance of income protection and shared a story of how disability insurance was critical in one advisor’s ability to maintain his family’s standard of living.

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