Episode 71: Interview With Eric Miller

My guest on Episode 71 of The I Love D.I. Podcast is Eric Miller.  Eric is President of First Protective, a nationwide Brokerage General Agency located in Birmingham, AL.

He is a long time veteran of the insurance industry and is passionate about how training and education are critical to success for producers.

Eric shares some great insights into the brokerage industry.  He also talks about the importance of income protection and shared a story of how disability insurance was critical in one advisor’s ability to maintain his family’s standard of living.

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  1. Bill Miller on 08/16/2018 at 8:50 AM

    Thanks for sharing.Let me know how I can help to encourage First Protective financial advisors to protect themselves and their clients from the loss of income due to a disability or long term care event. I really encourage all advisors to at least have a personal disability and business overhead expense quote run on themselves and learn the potential benefits.

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